"By the way, I really liked your seminar - I'm not that familiar with the sign industry and your seminar was very informative and educational."

Robert Young
Senior Codes Expert
Eastman Chemical Company

"I saw your presentation at the USSC convention in Atlantic City and really enjoyed it. It was easily the most interesting and applicable speech all weekend."

Dan Szeezil

"I have just read your article pertaining to fall safety in the "Signpower" newsletter. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your contribution to the newsletter. I have actually spoken to you in the past about the fact that there is no organized or accredited training facility for the sign industry. That was when I first received the "Neon Installation Guide". Your efforts are noticed and appreciated."

Pete Foster
Hightech Signs

Fees for: RKW Consulting

Consulting fees including travel:

  • Hourly billing $85.00 per hour
  • Daily billing $850.00 per day
  • Monthly billing, call for a quote


  • Ground transportation $.485 per mile.
  • Air transportation at full coach rate plus 10%. (special conditions may require first class)
  • Car, truck, crane and bucket rental at service cost plus 10%.
  • Lodging, meals, and out-of-pocket expenses billed at cost plus 10%.


  • Photos, print or digital billed at $1.00 per photo reproduced.
  • Faxes in and out billed at $1.00 each, plus composition time at regular rate.
  • Telephone at hourly billing, .1hr minimum.

Seminar Presentation:

  • Basic four-eight hour presentation. $ 850.00
  • Handouts billed at cost plus 10%.
  • Facilities if required billed as cost plus 10%.


  • Associations, Companies, Organizations may purchase different levels of retainer fees based on the needs and requirements of their members and specific needs.
  • Call for a quote for monthly or annual fees




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698 Walnut Street, Montoursville, PA 17754
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